Welcome to my Website

I am excited to teach business education classes at Caldwell High School. 
During the 2019-2020 school year, I will be teaching:

--Business computer applications
--Web Design

--I will also be the DECA adviser. DECA is our business & Marketing student organization

Here is some news I am excited about: 

Caldwell High School is excited to offer a new program called High School of Business. 

Students who complete this program will have opportunities to graduate with college credit and industry certificates in business and will be well prepared to enter a business administration program at the university level. We are excited to offer the first 4 classes of the program to our students during the 2017-2018 school year (Leadership, Wealth Management, Principles of Business, Principles of Economics). 

We encourage all students who are interested in business & entrepreneurship to take these classes, however, to complete the entire program, you must take the 6 required classes shown  below.   

 1st Semester  2nd semester
 Grade 9 Leadership (not required)         
 Wealth Management (not required)
 Grade 10Principles of Business 

Business Economics 
 Grade 11Principles of Marketing 

Principles of Finance 
 Grade 12Principles of Management 

Business Strategies